Proxy Servers: Benefit or Threat, Figuring Its Impact to Users

Proxy servers are among the hottest item on the news today with controversies both a benefit and a threat. Most people tend to use proxies to achieve internet neutrality and censorship. With this service, you can now control your bandwidth and internet traffic. But, this also gives way to internet service providers to tell what sites you can and cannot see. This is how a proxy could benefit and pose a threat to users. Though the situation, it is possible for proxy servers to work around a restricted web page, find out how.

Proxies Impact To Users

The use of proxy service today is not new anymore as free proxypeople switch on proxies for some reasons. But most use them are trying to connect on different blocked or filtered servers. The Online proxy serves as an internal network between a user’s computer to other servers. It works by requesting resources available from various servers on the internet. So you are likely trying to access resources like web pages, YouTube, games, and any other resources under a proxy server. The proxy will then send to you the gathered data from the designated resources. There are actually many advantages a proxy service has to offer when used properly, give an eye on some.

Helps Reconnect to Some Resources

The proxy server will help reconnect to the relevant servers if your real IP address is cached. It is like a remote server that will request for some content directly on other resources on your behalf. So you can get your access back on any websites to continue as you have never been blocked before but, under the name of that proxy.

Bypass Blocked Websites

With proxies, it is safe to say that you can now bypass blocked websites. In short, you can access or get through restricted sites in some offices or in any organizations. This is when you are somehow using proxies unhealthily. Blocked websites are there for their own reasons that might for good. If you are restricted because of your location, considering proxies can be good. In these cases, the proxy server will help you in getting through the firewalls of a site safely. Yes, proxy servers also give privacy for user’s protection from any attacks on the web.

Is Proxy Server a Solution?

On some point, the use of proxy servers can be good, and a problem otherwise. Depending on how to use them or configure and by whom they administered, a proxy server can either offer all the possible advantages or none of them. So, decide on why you need them and set them up accordingly for safe use.