Want To Restore Your Lost Data? Get the Best Toronto Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

T.I.M. provides trusted and reliable toronto hard drive data recovery services. T.I.M. data recovery services have highly qualified technicians and it has specialised equipment for data recovery. This equipment helps you to find accurate and fastest solutions at affordable and reasonable prices.


  • RAID data recovery – Toronto hard drive data recovery services help you to recover data from all types of complicated storage systems. It restores data from the simple dual-drive storage unit to the most complex multi-disk drive.
  • Hard drive recovery – The expertise of the company has been providing recovering services since the 1990s. The specialised equipment allows us to restore data from all types of storage devices.
  • Recovery from Solid State Drive – It is very challenging to recover data from a solid-state drive compared to other storage units. The experience and the equipment of this company allow us to recover data from different categories of SSD failure.
  • Flash recovery – Most computers, tablets, phones users use flash storage units to keep their data safe and secure which carry a set of files. The data stored in these devices may be very important and security on these often warrants.

Frequently asked questions about this service:

  1. What does it mean when some clicking sounds can be heard from external hard drives?

The clicking sounds from computers or external devices indicate the hard drive failure. It requires specialists in data recovery services. To assure a good recovery you should quickly turn off the device.

  1. If important data is accidentally deleted. Can they be recovered?

If important data is accidentally deleted you should first check it in your recycle bin. Most of the modern tools have a trash bin or recycle bin feature included where the data automatically gets stored so that you can restore it anytime but before 30 days of the data deletion.