How does the Personal Statement serve its purpose?

Personal statements are often a chance to highlight what sets you apart from the application as a whole, whether it’s unique experiences, qualities, or beliefs. It allows the admissions committee to get to know the real you. It takes you away from the data that defines you on paper. The colleges are looking for something in your statement that sets you apart. What do they look for in personal statement for colleges?

Can you write about something unique in a new and interesting way or something common in a new and interesting way? What could you do in your statement that needed a further explanation? All of these are great ways to make a personal statement for colleges. Aside from getting to know you, admissions committees also seek writing skills.

Can you write concisely and clearly? Do you know how to tell an engaging story? It would help if you also fine-tuned your actual writing, not only your essay content, to improve your ability to write effectively in college and in life. The story or background of a student can catalyze shaping your approach. Students with a unique voice or alternative perspective may find writing simple topics intriguing and engaging.

Finally, consider the rest of your application when choosing a topic for your statement. You should address one of these topics in your statement if you have recently returned from a gap year, failed a single class in sophomore year, or engaged in a passion you don’t mention anywhere else on your application. This will help the admissions committee better understand who you are as a person since it gives them a better understanding of who you are.