In Hong Kong, k11 art which is a giant museum-mall comes out of the ground

In Hong Kong, k11 art which is a giant museum-mall comes out of the ground

Hong Kong is a beautiful destination in mainland China and here it is common to see art in shopping centres. But Adrian Cheng has a different vision and designed K11 art Musea which is inspired by the “ A Muse by the Sea”. This group which is named as K11 group is aimed at new world development and this museum cum shopping center is built with an investment of 2.6 billion USD budget. This shopping center spans an area of 2,80,000 square meter and is an art and design district.

K11 art Musea

This is built alongside Tsui’s waterfront and it is built to be one of a high-end destination for culture, commerce and catering. It is designed according to a new business model which offers enormous artistic content, creates cultural exposure with added value, lots of experience and a view to build loyalty of customers in high traffic places. This K11 group was founded in the year 2008 and it has already built 29 shopping centres in China with art in mind as well as having residencies of artists.

K11 for the wealthy millennials:

K11 foundation is having partnership with the Center Pompidou of France and Palais de Toky as well as MoMA PS1 of New York for artists to exhibit their talent. Its conglomerate also invests in retail, technology, fashion, entertainment, real estate, design, media globally. This 11 storeyed building is built to target the millennials and global brands.

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