What is the Confinement nanny agency and its benefits

What is the Confinement nanny agency and its benefits

The family is completed with kids and they bring a completely new universe in your life. The parents want to give the best care to their kids and the first step to take in order to bring the best care is covering all the needs of your newborn. Unlike normal days when it was okay to have a single hand keeping proper care of the newborn, the need of the hour has someone who is professional in the field of newborn care.

What is unique here?

There are many more things that come from the Confinement nanny agency:

  • The cooked confinement food for the mother of a newborn (3 healthy meals a day).
  • 24 hours availability for baby care
  • Basic housekeeping which includes mopping the kitchen floor, sweeping and dusting.
  • Laundry of mother and newborn
  • Confinement bath for mother preparation.
  • Assistance in breastfeeding, to bathe a newborn, additional care and tips on confinement care.

Confinement nanny agency

Are the nannies trained?

The nannies are fully trained to meet every need of the newborn and the mother. There are about more than 160 confinement nannies available. You can select from the list, arrange an interview and select the best nanny for you. The nannies not only care about the needs of mother and newborn, but they also provide more tips for the confinement care. You will be much more confident even after the nanny has left the place. The recommendation of nanny care is about 28 days at least, you may choose from longer or shorter services.

The reviews make the service indeed the best.