What is coinbase account?

What is coinbase account?

Actually, the coinbase is a worldwide digital currencies exchange company and they offer a place to buy and sell the digital currencies. The coinbase also serves as a wallet, where the digital currencies can be stored. Another specialty of coinbase is storing all your digital assets in one place, which brings a complete control of your collectibles and tokens by simply storing them on your own device. Currently, the coinbase has supported over 20 million users across the world to exchange more than $150 billion dollars in the Bitcoin as well as other crypto currencies.

How do you log into coinbase account?

Of course, a coin base is one of the excellent options for you. If you a newcomer to this crypto currency world and want to know how to do coinbase login, below are steps to be followed that includes:

  • Initially, you go to coinbase and click on a Signup page
  • Next, you type your fundamental account detail
  • Then, you just confirm your email address
  • After that, you have to login to your coinbase account
  • Then, you should add your mobile phone number
  • Next, you have to set up a coinbase
  • Now, you enable two-factor authentication
  • Finally, you enter into the coinbase account


However, these are all simple steps to be followed for signing up into the coinbase account. When it comes to buying and selling through coinbase, below are a few simple steps such as:

  • First, you have to create an account
  • Then, you have to link your bank account
  • Finally, you begin buy and sell currencies

Before earning, you just find how certain the crypto currencies work and then obtain a little bit of every crypto to attempt out for yourself. It also transmits information about those transactions out of a block chain network to confirm those transactions.