Winning More Bitcoins In A Single Roll of Dice

Winning More Bitcoins In A Single Roll of Dice

Dice game is one of the most enjoyed online entertainments in the realm of bitcoin. Most avid online players choose to gamble on this game due to its massive money returns. The gameplay itself is easy and rewarding  with a great record for bitcoin dice. With a single dice roll, you can get a chance to hit the jackpot with plenty of bonuses. The game of bitcoin dice can be a bit different from the usual dice game especially if you are new to it. The betting is generally based on the blockchain. It still has the same probability of dice rolls involving two or more bitcoin dices. If you find this bitcoin game rewarding, learn the basics here.

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What is Bitcoin Dice Game?

Bitcoin dice is a game based on recent blockchain technology online. This virtual game also used the same probability of most dice game rolls. The game is easier, you only need to predict whether the dice will roll high or low. And the challenge falls on what strategy is viable in the game play. Thus, the game is exciting and very rewarding at the same time. Over time, you can often improve your gaming and somehow beat the dice

Dice Basic Rules

If you have been playing bitcoin dice game for a while then, you can come up with the best strategy. But, for beginners, it could help to refresh your gaming style when it comes to rolling dices. There might be some complexities at first, learning the basic rules are a no-brainer:

Adjust Win Chances. You need to first decide how many bets you are willing to place and adjust the winning chances. For most cases, if there is a higher win chance, there will be a lower payout potential. If there is a lower win chance, then there is likely a higher potential payout.

Decide Your Rolls. In this game, you should know when to roll over or roll under the number given by the win chance you are playing. You can hit the roll button when you are through controlling those variables.

Bitcoin dice games can be very easy to follow even for first-timers. The gameplay may vary depending on the platform you choose. But, for what it is worth, most of them follow the same exact rules as the traditional classic dice games. Learning the basics of the games would help increase your gaming strategies.