How money transfer is used, who can use it?

How money transfer is used, who can use it?

The money transfer service to countries other than residence can be carried out by anyone who needs to send-receive money. In recent years, it has been mainly used by foreign workers who send money to family members residing abroad. But not only them. This channel is very often used to transfer money between parents and children. In recent years, more and more young people are choosing foreign countries for holidays or for study and money transfers is a valid opportunity. Therefore, anyone can take advantage of this alternative service to banks of 신규 꽁머니

Money transfers are the most profitable channel for transferring money abroad thanks to the ease and speed with which these operations are carried out. In a few moments, the money will be made available to the recipient of the transfer, on the other side of the world. But let’s see what needs to be done to transfer money through Money Transfer:

Go to one of the agencies authorized to transfer money and affiliated with the most important international circuits.

To find the one closest to the place where you are, just do a search through your smartphone and find one of the many agencies in the area. It can be a tobacconist, a travel agency or a bank counter.

The identity document must always be at hand, as it is necessary to identify the person sending the money. At this point, you fill out a form with the data and an indication of the amount to be sent. It is not necessary to have credit cards or prepaid cards, just deliver the cash.

The counter operator of the Money Transfer agency will issue a receipt showing the transaction data. Important is the indication of the security code, properly called MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number.

The sender must contact the beneficiary to provide the MTCN and details of who sent the money and the country of origin of the transfer. The beneficiary must go to the reference agency with a valid identity document and collect the money.

The withdrawal can be done within a few minutes.

How much does it cost to send money: all costs?

The overseas money transfer service is therefore a quick and easy way to send money from one end of the world to another. As with any service, however, it is subject to the payment of a commission. The latter varies according to the agent chosen for the operation, the country in which the beneficiary is located and the amount. The costs also include the exchange rate. When the transaction involves two different currencies, the conversion is made at the rate set by the operator.