Do you think all lives matter?

Do you think all lives matter?

One should treat everyone who has born in this world equal and there should not be any difference between people. But these days, individuals are separated with a variety of aspects including the religion, caste, location and more. There is another crucial thing that is added to this list and is nothing but color. One cannot decide his or her color when the child is born and it is all in the hands of genes.

The God of this universe is the one who created this world and also the people with various color tones. He is the only person who is going to judge everyone but not with the color but with the sins that people make. Poor people are suffering with their dark skin complexion and nowadays, the world is in the situation where black treated in the worst way and are always described as bad ones.

How people fighting to avoid racism?

One thing that people have to know is being a white person, it is that they he or she is superior to others with dark tone. These days, majority of the leading roles in most of the movies and Televisions are white. Most of the people are considering black people are not looking so good and also they do not have enough knowledge. But the thing is they are equally beautiful in their own way and are also more knowledgeable and powerful as well as whites.

So, when you are thinking all lives are equal, you can support this thing by making use of black lives matter poster and you can get it on the internet.