Learn About Your Heritage

Learn About Your Heritage

Gain A Sense Of Who You Are

Americans have been gaining an increased sense of their personal history through genealogy and other family records. One of the ways you can learn more is to check out Fold3. We provide military history for individuals for you to discover. Try a free trial, and join the ranks of an elite group of military historians who have not lost their connection to the past.

Military History

Wars make more than hell; they make national boundaries, cause mass immigration, and reshape societies. This can be a fascinating glimpse into your family’s history. Who moved where, when, and why? If your great-great-grandfather had never served in the military, would he have met your great-great-grandmother? This is better than any sci-fi movie with time-traveling robots. This is the real stuff that helped shape you into who you are today. It shaped your parents, and their parents before them. Military history is a part of everyone’s history, so learn about yours today.

Norman Asch

Here’s An Example

For instance, Norman Asch:

enlisted in 1944 in New York. Did he, or anyone else, know that the war was coming near its end? Where did he serve? Are photos available? Think about your ancestors and what you may or may not know about them. A membership to Fold3 will provide multiple sources of historical information from military records.

Heritage And History

If you’ve ever spent time on a site like Ancestry.com, then Fold3 is for you. The searches are easy to do, but the way history unfolds for you could become nearly addictive as you discover more than you ever realized was on record. Take a look, give us a try, and sign up for premium access to military history records.