Do You Know Why People Buy Jewelry?

Do You Know Why People Buy Jewelry?

Is jewelry a necessary purchase? No, not really. Currently, a fuel tank for a car is much more important. If jewelry is not important, why do people buy jewelry?

Here is a brief list of nine reasons why people buy jewelry.


The other day, I noticed a note hanging on the door handle of a nonprofit organization asking for donations. One of the items on the list was trinkets. This is not an article as important as food or clothing.

Beauty and pleasure

As artists, we all know that beauty and pleasure are very emotional.

Joy and pleasure

Later this week, I visited one of the charity stores in our area, and people bought trinkets. Joy and pleasure are important for people. These trinkets represent special memories or a way to surround ourselves with some form of beauty. The scorpion jewelry is equally important and remain with us for a long time.

Jewelry value

There is value in jewelry. The birthstone is very valuable; The graduation ring marks a significant maturity in life. An engagement ring embodies the love of another and the beginning of personal life.

Emotional value

I can remember a friend of the mind whose aunt was in a nursing home. His aunt promised him a special ring that they used daily. The ring itself was not financially valuable, but it had great sentimental value for my girlfriend, because it was a love relationship between her and her aunt. She received the ring before her aunt died. Your aunt’s memory will be with my girlfriend for life.

scorpion jewelry

Jewelry is an investment souvenir

After everything is said and done, jewelry is an important purchase and a souvenir for the owner, and worth the investment in dollars.

Memory for many generations

Regardless of the economy, jewelry will be sold. Most importantly, skill should be the best. People will buy jewelry for many reasons. As a jewelry maker, your jewelry can be a memory and will be of great value to a person. If you make jewelry that will exist for many generations, don’t make shortcuts for crafting and don’t underestimate your creations.

Treasured works of art

When you create metal jewelry, precious minerals, precious stones and other materials, you create works of art that will be appreciated. The owner will enjoy his ring for many years, and it can also be transmitted from generation to generation.

Affordable cost

It is very difficult to measure the value. Determine the price using the practical rules of doing business, as well as your subjective decisions. There are logical pricing rules that people use to give fair value to their jewelry. The subjective evaluation of creativity and design depends on the jewelry manufacturer.

How to evaluate

  • Cost of materials.
  • Work
  • Above
  • What will the market take?
  • The creative value of design …