A Brilliant Feature Of Proxy Sites- Hideme

A Brilliant Feature Of Proxy Sites- Hideme

The revolution of the internet in the past few decades is tremendous and whatever you need to apprehend or find about, the first thing you do is browse or surf sites. It is the simplest and most helpful way to extract data and information related to any topic and has therefore made everything so much accessible. But has this happened to you, you access a website or webpage and the site says access denied. Yes, this happens with every internet user and the solution is a hideme feature provided by many web proxy services.


Access Denied!

There may be many reasons because of which a website does not open on your computer or Android OS. Few of them are like Downtime of the website for certain hours, DNS Cache problem or external firewall and anti-virus programs. For these, you can wait or have a check but there are others for which you need hideme.

Websites or web applications are block

There are chances that the sites you are willing to visit are restricted or blocked. Web proxy services have advanced technology to hide your IP address by creating proxies in the server and the destination website or webpage will not be able to identify your current IP address or location. As such you can access any restricted website whether it is blocked for any of the below reason:

  1. a) Maybe blocked in your country
  2. b) Blocked by security software
  3. c) ISP routing issues

There are safe and reliable proxy services available, all you have to do is a simple research and you will get whatever you desire. Best of luck!