How to find secure web proxies

How to find secure web proxies

We are all interested in ensuring that not only our computers but also our personal information is safe when we are online today. Although postal viruses represent a lesser threat than a few years ago, identity theft increases and identity thieves take advantage of every new technological development; The adaptation is almost as fast as the technology designed to prevent them. For this reason, it is essential that you protect yourself from prying eyes when working on the Internet. Sometimes people use (and should use more often) proxy servers, but what are these servers and how do they protect it on the Internet?

Standard web server

A proxy server is a standard web server, although with a particular function. This server is located between the web user and the youtube sites they visit; with requests for web pages and files transmitted through this server. This repeater means that the IP address of the server is reported to the visited youtube site and not the IP address of the web user. Why is this important? IP addresses, in particular, static IP addresses, which are increasingly common in the expansion of broadband service, can be used to identify specific users. Just think about the effects of this for a moment.

anonymous proxy servers

It should be noted that not all proxy servers will hide this information, which can be used to identify you on the youtube you visit uniquely; there are also anonymous proxy servers; They provide a higher degree of anonymity for you online. However, how can you determine which proxies protect your identity? Read some tips on how to find secure youtube proxy servers.


First, you can use the whois command if you use any version of Unix or Linux on your computer. There are also web interfaces for this program, including those available on domain, which can tell you if the proxy owner has hidden your contact information or not.

You can also use Google or another search engine to find a proxy server and find out if someone has found proxy fraud and what happens if people say something about it. Another good source of information is available on the homepage of the proxy itself; The youtube site must be published terms and conditions of use, which will tell you exactly what the proxy server does and does not inform other places in terms of user information.