Know the Major Difference Between Win 10 and Win 11

Know the Major Difference Between Win 10 and Win 11

Windows 10 was a game-changer after its release in the year 2015, however as time passed by, needs of people have evolved, and even the operating system. It led to launch of the Windows 11, it is a newest addition to Microsoft family. Thus, what is the major difference between Win 10 and Win 11? Let’s check in and know why you must get Cheap windows 11 pro Reddit.

UI Upgradation

One highly noticeable difference is visual changes in the Windows 11. And user interface is revamped, so the start menu in this latest version has now moved from left corner to center. It is also much cleaner and sleeker than the earlier version, and there’re the new features like snap layouts that enable better multitasking.

Performance Enhancement

Performance is a next important area that has significant improvement. Win 11 assures to run much faster as well as smoother than the predecessor, with faster startup times & better energy management. In addition, its operating system is made to use very less power that can result in the longer battery life for tablets and laptops.

Better Security

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Win 11 has improved security features, which go beyond Win 10. Microsoft has also implemented some new tools that will help to keep the user data safe, like integrated Hello face recognition. There’re also some new measures that will protect the users from the cyber threats, like Windows Sandbox & Virtualization-based security that prevent malicious program from attacking this system.

New Gaming Capability

The latest OS has received current updates to the gaming capabilities, with the new technologies that enhance overall experience. Win 11 is made to improve game performance just by making complete use of the modern hardware functions like DirectX 12 Ultimate and DirectStorage API.

But, despite the new updates, Win 11 isn’t without any kind of limitations and Where to buy a cheap software keys reddit. Firstly, all computers cannot support this, as it needs newer hardware, like 8th gen Intel and Ryzen 2000 processor and higher, and graphics card, which supports DirectX 12. Next, there are complaints from the users about its compatibility issues with some software, as new OS makes use of different system architecture from the predecessor.

Final Words

Windows 11 brings exciting new functions and improvements compared to Windows 10. With better performance, security, and new gaming upgrades, it is one step forward for the Microsoft’s operating systems. But, its compatibility limitations will restrict the users to make any new upgrade, and visual changes will take time to get used to.