Workflow Examples: Places to Use Workflows

Workflow Examples: Places to Use Workflows

Till now, this has been very high-level. However, beauty of workflows process is that they are opposite of the high-level! They are not heavy goals and strategies that you have to speak just C-Suite to completely understand, but the complete guides. Even the complex workflow will tell you what you have to do next. To think about all places that you may start to refine as well as document your workflows, let us look at some common workflow scenarios and understand how does workflow work?

Personal productivity workflows

There’re a lot of places where you may create the workflows to improve your productivity. Right from how you organize, triage, or work through the inbox, how you set your meetings, start to-dos, or track down your progress. However, the powerful workflow that you may create is the daily template.

Complete Projects on Time & Budget

More time spent on the meaningful work gives more results in the lesser time. It all begins with what is on the calendar. The daily schedule template actually means every block of the day gets assigned to something very meaningful work, email, breaks, and project management. It is the visual guide on how you will flow from one task to another throughout your day.

 Places to Use Workflows

Task management workflow

When speaking about personal productivity workflows, best one you may use is around the task management. It is how you will approach any tasks or projects and work in your schedule. However, with the proper workflow in place, one will protect from hitting the decision deadlock as well as know the right steps for finishing any kind of project.

  • Talk to the experts or colleagues to fill the blanks
  • Write down each task and step that you may think of on the whiteboard
  • Group tasks in milestones
  • Prioritize your tasks by important ones first
  • Schedule every task on daily schedule
  • Break large and multi-step tasks in single steps

Setting out meetings workflow

Many of us do not have the workflow on how to plan or run efficient meetings. So, we show up and talk over one another for hours, and finally plan the follow-up meeting. It is not quite efficient. However, with the meeting workflow, you will know what has to get done for getting results that you want.


So, no more fumbling on never-ending meetings and start with the clear plan & ends with the action items for everybody involved.